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Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a simple and effective solution to host all kinds of files. Host your pictures, videos or press releases and pay only a few cents per month.

In addition to hosting, S3 can receive files from your customers in your account from the web. Small or large files in a safely environment.


Start small to become big with S3. The space is available if needed.


Amazon S3 is designed to provide high availability and durability of nearly 100%.

Affordable pricing

Operating costs remain very low so you can start with only a few cents per month.


Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) can rent virtual servers on which it is possible to install web applications. With EC2, it is possible to create, launch and even pause instance on a server. Billing is based on usage, where the term Elastic.

Automated scaling

Allows to automatically adapt computing capacity to site traffic in order to keep a high level of quality.


Allows you to monitor the activity on the servers and receive notifications of problems or according to pre-established rules.


Allows you to quickly increase the size and power of a server based on an urgent need without huge investment.