• Salesforce


Salesforce CRM is used to manage your sales team and your account managers. Treat leads from the web or other sources, follow your opportunities on a long time frame, leave traces of your activities and collaborate in the accounts management in a safe and accessible environment. For over ten years, Salesforce is THE reference in terms of CRM business.

Sales cycle

Salesforce CRM is designed to follow the evolution of the sales cycle: lead, opportunity, quote and close. It is possible to see real time scale of activities for each stage of a sale.


Save time and energy by using workflow to automate processes such as sending email, creating jobs or updating business data.


With Salesforce, you can customize the interface to control the security at a very precise way. You can restrict access to certain information according to a physical location, to a user or according to established rules.


Force.com can turn your Salesforce account into machine to do everything. Whatever the particular needs of your business, it is possible to use the database to develop an internal management application, online form such as employment section or simply develop your website and use Force.com as CMS.

Custom page

Add a visual element, a new function or a custom page to your CRM with Force.com . For example, add a road map to your interface for each account in your database.

On-demand application

Force.com allows you to create new objects in your database to make a brand new application. For example, create an object "Available Position" and "Candidate" then you have everything in hand to create your jobs section! Add a bit of JavaScript and you have your mobile version!

Web Site

Also use Force.com to host your website and then use the platform as a CMS website. Maintain your blog, publish polls, your job offers or any information likely to make your site more attractive.